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Value Added

The process of implementing the a Quality Management System is a value added process in and of itself. As you begin to implement the management system we can identify areas where we can and should eliminate the non-value added elements within the processes we are going to identify, document and analyze. This is an inherent element in the implementation process. If we do not fully and completely understand our processes, we will never make the transition from “business as usual” to becoming a “world-class organization”.

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Quality Systems Consulting

gap analysis

The Gap Analysis Study is for clients who want to understand where they stand versus the management system standard they need to conform with: What they need to do to
achieve management system certification to this standard or standards; What is the project plan, time and costs
involved in achieving the management system certification.


I can assist your organization in preparing for the initial certification by:

  1. Conducting a preliminary management system audit to understand the readiness status
  2. I can provide coaching and mentoring in advance of the initial certification audit
  3. I can also be on-site during the initial certification audit
  4. And I can provide support in understanding and responding to any audit concerns/audit findings in a timely manner.

system development

Depending on the Gap Analysis, several modules my be necessary to prepare to meet the standard or standards:

  • Leadership training
  • Change Management
  • Process development
  • Document management
  • Resource management

See my System Development page

after certification

Certification for many organizations is the initial goal. For most organizations this is the beginning and not the end of the journey toward building excellence in management systems. Post certification, I can help the organization continue its journey.

  1. Help in maintaining documentation required by the standard
  2. Continued Internal audit program
  3. Assisting in the management review meeting
  4. Being present at future annual management system audits 
  5. Assisting in root cause analysis and corrective preventive action 


During this phase of the project I will work alongside management implementing and monitoring the performance of the management system. This involves:

  • Organization-wide communication, awareness and training
  • Developing managers and supervisors to implement the management system
  • Establish the internal audit program
  • Training and development of internal auditors
  • Establish root cause analysis including corrective and preventive action
  • Implement the management system review meeting

Other Required Programs

I can also assist in establishing and improving programs that are required by all quality management systems:

  1. Calibration
  2. Training Records
  3. Document Control
  4. Internal Audit Data
  5. Statistical Process Control

I have Access databases available for several of these areas.


The best inspector is a well designed process.”
— JM Juran


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